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General Issues (Not plugin specific)#

On this page you will find troubleshooting steps for general issues that are not specific to a Stream Deck plugin.

Plugin isn't displaying any text/information on the Stream Deck Key#

Some plugins will display information on the key. For example, the "Stream Counter" plugin will display a counter for how many times the Stream Deck key has been pressed.

If you do not see any information on the key, please make sure the "Title" field at the top of the action settings is empty. Anything entered in this field will override all the text/information the plugin is trying to display.

Some plugins require the title field to be empty.

Some plugins require the title field to be empty.

Check Installed Plugin Version#

If you're having any sort of issue with a BarRaider plugin, we're going to want to know what version of the plugin you're using. To find out, simply, right-click any action belonging to the plugin in the Stream Deck app, and note the version number.

Check Plugin Version

Install / uninstall#

Installing a plugin#

Plugins can be installed from the Elgato Store in the Stream Deck software, or from our Discord in the #plugin-releases channel.

We also offer Early access versions of plugins. Read more about it below

Early Access#

You can get early access to new plugin updates or plugin releases. This is all done through our Discord. Head over to the #roles channel and follow the steps there to get the @Early Access role. You now have access to the #early-access channel.

Uninstalling a plugin#

From the right-hand action bar, find one of the plugin's actions, right click it and choose uninstall. How to uninstall

Alternatively, you can go to the Stream Deck Store, find the plugin and click "Uninstall".

I can't Install/Uninstall the plugin (pressing Install doesn't do anything)#

This issue is usually related to Stream Deck not updating/uninstalling the plugin properly. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin.

If you can't reinstall, head to %appdata%\elgato\streamdeck\plugins and delete the plugin folder (com.barraider.<PLUGINNAME>)

Installing plugins on Mac#

BarRaider plugins are officially supported only on Windows. There’s no ETA for Mac support as BarRaider does not own a Mac. Any Mac devs interested in porting them can contact BarRaider.

Stream Deck crashes#

Stream Deck Crashes when dragging a plugin to a key#

This is probably related to a bug in Stream Deck when the app is not on your Primary Monitor. Move the app to your primary monitor and try again.

A plugin is crashing the Stream Deck app#

Plugins cannot crash the Stream Deck app. This tends to be a Stream Deck issue rather than a plugin problem. Please try uninstalling your Stream Deck app and reinstalling the latest version from Elgato. If that still doesn't help, please reach out to Elgato support.

None of the plugins are working or have weird visuals#

If your plugin looks like the image below, add the CDN to your firewall, network and/or PiHole (or other alternative)
CDN issues