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Variables are used to store data to be used further down in the Macro or in a different macro altogether. This opens up a whole world of options. You can read data from files, manipulate it, and then write it to either another file, to the Stream Deck key or execute it as a set of keystrokes. Variables start with a $ sign to differentiate them from normal text.

Predefined Variables#

The following list of variables are always be available for you to use either with Functions (like CONCAT) or to execute as keyboard commands:

Variable Output

User Defined Variables#

Creating and using User Defined variables is easy using the following Variable Commands.


Use a : between the command name and the arguments

Command Example Comment
Input {{Input:VarName}} Get input from the user and store it in VarName.
Output {{Output:MyVar}} Output the input previously gathered into MyVar.
VarSet {{VarSet:MyVar:MyValue}} Set the value MyValue into MyVar.
OutputToFile {{OutputToFile:MyVar:C:\filename.txt}} Write the contents of the MyVar variable into C:\filename.txt file.
AppendToFile {{OutputToFile:MyVar:C:\filename.txt}} Append the contents of the MyVar variable into C:\filename.txt
VarSetFromFile {{VarSetFromFile:MyVar:C:\filename.txt}} Read the contents of the C:\filename.txt file and store into MyVar.
VarSetFromClipboard {{VarSetFromClipboard:MyVar}} Read the contents of the clipboard and store into MyVar.
VarUnset {{VarUnset:MyVar}} Clears MyVar.
VarUnsetAll {{VARUNSETALL}} Clears all variables.
SetIconFromFile {{SetIconFromFile:C:\image.png}} Sets the Stream Deck key's icon to the image stored in C:\image.png.