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SuperMacro - Advanced Settings#

Here you will find a detailed explanation of what each of the advanced settings does in SuperMacro.

Advanced settings overview


Secondary enter behavior#

By default, when SuperMacro notices a new line, it simulates a newline keystroke. When this is enabled SuperMacro will instead simulate a KEYPRESS event for the Enter/Return virtual keycode. In some apps, this may work better when dealing with new lines.

Forced Macro Mode#

Sends normal text (such as 'abc') as keystrokes (i.e. {{ a }}{{ b }}{{ c }}). By default, when SuperMacro sees normal text, it uses a normal TextEntry, some games/apps ignore these type of text entries. When this is enabled, SuperMacro will instead simulate a KEYPRESS for each character.

Don't treat "New Line" as Enter#

This mode allows you to write macros on multiple lines (to make it cleaner to read and easier to maintain) without worrying that SuperMacro will send a Newline/ENTER command every time it encounters a new line. When enabled, unless you implicitly type {{ ENTER }}, SuperMacro will NOT be sending Newline commands.

Output Delay#

Output Delay

This sets the delay/pause between one command to the other. In other words, a longer output delay will simulate longer wait time between each character/keystroke.