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Twitch Tools - Troubleshooting#

General Issues#

I keep having to authenticate my account#

This is a known issue if you are running Stream Deck as admin. Running Stream Deck as administrator is strongly discouraged. It's firstly a security risk as it allows 3rd party plugins to run as administrator. Secondly, it is known to cause various issues in saving plugin settings as well as losing authentication tokens.

Action does not do anything#

Some actions, like the Ban / Timeout and Timeout actions require you to be live and having active chatters in order to work. If you are Live and have active chatters, make sure you installed the custom profiles during installation. In order to get these profiles, uninstall and reinstall the plugin.

Validation failed error#

Solution depends on what you're seeing in your browser.

Browser shows an error#

  1. Try restarting the Stream Deck Software and try setting up again. Restarting Stream deck
  2. Change the default browser to Edge and try again.
  3. Using the Edge browser follow this guide and when you come across the allow/block list, add localhost:4201 to the allow list.

Browser shows success but not connecting#

This is usually a Firewall/Antivirus/VPN/PiHole blocking the connection. Find the culprit and fix/disable it and try again.