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OBS Tools - Available Actions#

Smart Scene Switcher#

  • Easily switch scenes between Preview/Studio (if enabled) and Live modes.
  • Shows a border on the scene indicating if it’s in preview or live.
  • See a Preview of how the scene will look on the Stream Deck key.

Source Animation#

  • Create cool transitions and effects for your sources with one click!
  • Phases allow multi-phased animations, without the need of a multi-action.
  • Easily create animation with the Record feature:
    1. Place the source at the starting position, then press Record.
    2. Move/Modify the source to end result and then press End Recording => The plugin will automatically calculate and input the changes.
  • Import/Export Settings allows you to share your animations (or keep as a backup).
  • Options to hide source/remove filters at various stages.

Studio Mode Toggle#

  • Allows you to quickly toggle Studio/Preview mode on and off.

Video player#

  • Allows using the same source to display different media files.
  • Support for modifying the speed of Videos/Instant Replay (great when you want to do slow motion).

Source Volume#

  • Allows increasing/decreasing/setting the volume of an audio source.

Dropped Frames Alarm#

  • Shows the current amount of dropped frames and starts alerting if it increases.
  • Choose between three different dropped frame types:
    • Dropped Frames
      • Frames that were intended to be included in the output but were not transmitted due to high CPU usage or poor internet connection.
    • Output Skipped Frames
      • Frames that were rendered but not included in the output, meaning they were not transmitted to the viewer due to slower rendering or encoder overload.
    • Render Missed Frames
      • Frames that were not rendered by the GPU in time to be included in the output, meaning they were not transmitted to the viewer due to overloaded GPU or slow rendering process.
  • You can now customize the color of the alert.

CPU Usage#

  • Shows how much CPU is being utilized by OBS.

Previous Scene#

  • Allows you to switch back to your previously used scene. It will also display the name of the scene on the Stream Deck key.

Twitch Integration#

  • Allow your chat to type !replay and trigger an instant replay which is shown on stream.
  • Instant Replay allows you to create a Twitch Clip for you and post it on chat.
  • Instant Replay also allows to create a Twitch Clip even if the replay buffer is off.

Browser Sources#

  • Modify Browser Sources with your Stream Deck.

Remote Recording Toggle#

  • Toggle recording from a remote PC (if your Stream Deck is not connected to your Streaming PC).

Set Transition#

  • Allows you to modify the default scene transition from the Stream Deck.

Filter Toggle#

  • Allows you to enable/disable filters on a source from the Stream Deck.

Instant Replay#

  • Click to save the last seconds of your stream to your OBS Recordings folder.
  • Long-Press the button to toggle whether the Instant Replay buffer is recording or not.

Setting Up Instant Replay#