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SuperMacro - Getting Started#

The SuperMacro plugin includes six actions. that can cover a whole range of use cases, allowing you to automate and simplify repetitive complex or time-consuming tasks.

Some examples are reading text from files, copy text to clipboard, move your mouse and more. In this documentation you will find in depth descriptions of all the settings that SuperMacro supports to help you get started, with usage examples.

How do I get started?#

Start by dragging an action to your Stream Deck, you can then type commands or normal text into the macro input fields.

Dragging action


Examples of commands can be {{F5}} or {{Winkey}}, or a keystroke like {{ctrl}{c}}.

Note that commands are always enclosed in { }, and each individual key in the command is also enclosed in { }. You should always see two {{'s at the beginning and two }}'s at the end of a command.

You can find a complete list of commands by going to this page.

Functions and variables#

The plugin also supports the use of functions and variables for even more advanced Macros. Go to usage examples to see examples on how they can be used.