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Compatibility Chart#

Here you find a complete list of compatibility for Windows and Mac OS & Elgato Devices

What does the icons mean?

- Plugin is fully supported.
🔅 - Partially supported.
- Plugin is not supported or the plugin uses profiles not supported by the listed device.

Plugin Windows Mac XL SD MK.2 Mini Plus Pedal Mobile
Advanced Launcher
Advanced Screen Saver
API Ninja
Audio Meter
Cam Control
Disco Visual Effects
Elgato Facecam
Emoji Picker
Minecraft Stats
OBS Tools
Soundpad Integration
Speed Test
Spotify Integration
Stock Ticker
Stream Countdown Timer
Stream Counter
Stream Deck Games
Super Macro
Text File Tools
Twitch Tools 🔅 🔅
VoiceMeeter Integration
Win Tools 🔅
Windows Mover & Resizer
World Time