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Stream Counter - Getting started#

Setting up Stream Counter#

  1. Download and install the plugin Stream Counter from the Elgato Store or our Discord server. Install plugin
  2. Once installed navigate back to the Stream Deck software and find the BarRaider section on the right hand side , then find the Stream Counter action. Stream Counter action
  3. Drag the Stream Counter action to one of the keys on your Stream Deck.
  4. In the File name setting, click the three ...
  5. Create a .txt file and give it a fitting name.

    • Create .txt file

      Make sure you create a .txt file.

  6. Click the .txt file you created and click save.

    • If you get a Access Denied in FileName after pressing Save in the filename when pressing save, go to the troubleshooting page.
  7. Now you can press the Stream Deck key, and the counter will count upwards and save it to the .txt file to be used in your streaming software.
  8. Press and hold the key to reset the counter.

Video setup guide#