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Windows Mover and Resizer - Getting Started#

Tutorial Video#

Credits to @StarkiSama for creating this video!

Step by step text tutorial#

  1. Download and install the plugin from the Elgato Store or our Discord server.
  2. Navigate to the Windows Mover section in the Stream Deck Software on the right hand side. Searching for action
  3. Drag and drop the "Windows Mover" action into the Stream Deck. Dragging action
  4. In the Application option choose Current Focused Window to move the window in focus, or Specific Application to move a specific application.
    • If you want to move a Specific Application, find the application in the App Name dropdown. If ur application is not found. Read more about that here.
  5. Select the screen that you want to move the window to.
  6. Set the coordinates of where you want the window to go. You can choose to use the default position or get the current window coordinates.
  7. Use the resizing options you can maximize, minimize, or resize the window to your desired dimensions.
  8. If you encounter issues moving a window, head over to the troubleshooting page.