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Plugin Name Download Links Description
Advanced Launcher Elgato Marketplace Smart application launcher for the Stream Deck with a bunch of customizable options
API Ninja Elgato Marketplace Send GET/POST/PUT API commands and see the result on the Stream Deck. Supports Headers (including OAuth tokens) and sending Data in multiple formats.
Audio Meter Elgato Marketplace Audio meter that shows the levels of your playback/recording devices on the Stream Deck
Battery Elgato Marketplace Display battery levels for Logitech G HUB and CORSAIR iCue devices on the Stream Deck
Cam Control Elgato Marketplace Control your webcam from the Stream Deck. Supports Zoom, Focus, Brightness, Contrast, White Balance, Exposure and more.
Disco Visual Effects Elgato Marketplace Run cool visual effects on your Stream Deck
Elgato Facecam Elgato Marketplace Control Elgato Facecam with a tap of a key. Zoom dramatically, change brightness for various lighting conditions, and more.
EmojiPicker Elgato Marketplace Set a Stream Deck key to type an Emoji
Minecraft Stats Elgato Marketplace Get stats of your favorite Minecraft server live on the Stream Deck
OBS Tools Elgato Marketplace Advaned Control OBS from your Elgato Stream Deck
ShadowPlay Elgato Marketplace Control NVIDIA ShadowPlay from your Stream Deck
SoundPad Integration Elgato Marketplace Soundpad integration for your Stream Deck. Play sounds directly from Soundpad, without needing to configure hotkeys
Speed Test Elgato Marketplace Run a Speedtest.Net speed test directly from you Stream Deck and display the results
Spotify Integration Elgato Marketplace Control your Spotify from the Stream Deck
Stock Ticker Elgato Marketplace Stock, Currency and Crypto all in one plugin! View live data on the Stream Deck for one or multiple stocks
Stopwatch Elgato Marketplace Stopwatch that you can also display on your stream
Stream Counter Elgato Marketplace Keep score of kills/deaths/etc and show it live on your stream. Includes advanced features such as sound support, changing the increments of each keypress + creating a Count-Down counter
Stream Countdown Timer Elgato Marketplace Set a timer on your Stream Deck, and have it shown on your Stream too. Will start flashing in a color of your choice when the time is up.Includes sound support & Streamathon mode (increase/decrease the time left on every key press)
Stream Deck Games Elgato Marketplace Suite of games for your Stream Deck. Includes: Dice Roller, Pacman, Snake, Hangman, Puzzles, Tic-Tac-Toe, Minesweeper, Simon Says, Breakout, and an 8-Ball you can display on stream
SuperMacro Elgato Marketplace Simulates both keyboard and mouse. Advanced functions and variables allow to create complex macros
ScreenSaver Elgato Marketplace
Text File Tools Elgato Marketplace Manipulate text files with your Stream Deck
Text To Speech Elgato Marketplace Text To Speech at a press of a button
Twitch Tools Elgato Marketplace Advanced tools to control Twitch from your Stream Deck
VoiceMeeter Elgato Marketplace Control VoiceMeeter and get live feedback all on your Stream Deck
Windows Mover & Resizer Elgato Marketplace Allows you to control the position and size of application windows on your Windows PC. Maximize/Minimize windows or change height, width and position. Supports moving applications across multiple screens
World Time Elgato Marketplace Displays the local date and time in cities around the world
Win Tools Elgato Marketplace Control Windows functions from your Stream Deck, also has Virtual Desktop support