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Ways to support BarRaider.#

There are several ways you can help us out!

  • Supporting BarRaider through Patreon.
  • Writing help articles or making YouTube guides that we can use.
  • Helping people by joining our Discord server and start helping the BarRaider community today!

Writing help articles or making YouTube guides#

We try to provide the best documentation and guides for our plugin users. Therefore having people help us with writing guides or making videos about the plugins they have a deeper knowledge about is very helpful.

If you are interested in adding help articles or have made a YouTube video that you think we might have use for, contact us on our Discord server.

Helping people in the Discord Server#

We have a lot of people coming by every day asking plugin and Stream Deck related questions in the Discord server, if you have knowledge about some of our plugins and want to help others, then it's a great place to start helping out. If you are active and helpful on the server, we may ask you to join us as a Community Expert or Moderator.

Some of the things we are looking for when adding Community Experts or Moderators are:

  • Been on the server and active for a while
  • Helping people troubleshooting their problems and handling general issues
  • Able to deal with issues on your own and not afraid to learn in the process of helping